Burn in

The burn in time will takes about 1 days for components and about one month for tube.
The tube will be a big issue in this process.  The installed tube GE 5670, date coded 1987,  is the last generation of western industry,  the golden tube ages.  In fact is a good tube but need quite a long time to burn in and aging.  The famous tube are all about 1950s' tube as they were well aging already just need burn in.
The tube, I will not recommend any since it depends majorly in taste.
However, I will say that the western tubes are quite good due to their materials used in making tube and not recommend recent produced tube like Russian or Chinese 6N3 due to wrong materials are used.



Tube Issues


To me:

1st class,

WE396A (D getter, JW Military version)
WE2C51 (D getter, JW Military version)
Bendix 6385 (expensive)
Tesla 6CC42 (D getter, rare but sometimes will show up in the market)

JJ 6386 (expensive, new production)

2nd class,


WE396A/2C51 (O getter)

Tesla 6CC42 (O getter, rare but sometimes will show up in the market)
Tung-sol 2C51 (they invent this tube, 1950s, D getter)
Raytheon CK5670 (1950s, D getter)
RCA 5670 (1950s, D/Plate 2 supporting rod getter)
GE 5670 (3 mica structure, mostly 5 stars tube)

3rd class, (after 1960s)

GE 5670
RCA 5670
Tung-sol 5670
Sylvania 2C51
Sylvania 5670 (sometimes marked Mullard)
RTC 5670
Philips 2C51

4th class,

Russian and Chinese 6N3P, -E, -EB, -EV


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