Connecting to Android Phone, Tablet or iPhone, iPad

To get the best audio performance please use USB input if you are using Android Phone, Tablet or iPhone, iPad as source.


iPhone need iOS7 or above

iPad need iOS6 or above

Android system need OS5 or above


For Android Phone or Tablet with micro USB or Type C jacks, you need a OTG (USB On The Go) cable or adapter.

The OTG cable or adapter requires current capacity larger than 500mA to get the best performance although DAC signed up only 100mA.


For Android Phone, you also need an APP “USB Audio Player Pro” to output USB digital stream to the DAC.


Info of “USB Audio Player Pro” is here:


For iPhone or iPad, you need the Lightning to USB (Camera) Adapter from Apple.


For some Android or iPhone or iPad, if you get "this device draws too much power" error, you’ll also need a powered USB hub.


Powered USB hub is a hub with power itself (better with 500mA or above).

You can google “Powered USB hub” and choose by yourself.

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